Infant 3 months – 18 months

Reston Montessori School is pleased to be one of the few Montessori schools offering an Infant/Young Toddler program. We refer to this program as The Nido. In Italian Nido means “nest”. Our Nido is designed to be comfortable and welcoming, so that you and your child will feel at home here.

The Nido Philosophy

The first three years of life are the most critical period in your child’s life. It is our goal to nurture your child’s abilities, and to help her develop habits that will help her throughout her life. Thus as your infant grows, we will help her follow a daily routine, be kind to others, and to love learning.

In this phase of life she is constantly learning, absorbing everything in her environment. We recognize that the child will develop mentally, physically, and emotionally when she is free to explore her world. So we create “a prepared environment, in which the child, set free from undue adult intervention, can live her life according to the laws of development” (Maria Montessori).


The Nido Environment

All Montessori environments are prepared by the teacher in order to create a space for the child to explore without undue adult intervention. The environment should offer “freedom within limits” – a safe space, child sized furniture, and materials that have a clear and useful purpose. Because of the carefully designed space, the child learns to respect the materials and the people with whom he spends his day. One of the teacher’s primary responsibilities is to help the child learn to use the “work” on the shelves.

This Nido environment is divided into five distinct areas: Sleeping, Movement, Language, Sensorial, and Practical Life. We hope to be your choice for private infant school programs.