The Music Program – Music learning classes

Reston Montessori school offers different levels of  music learning classes, according to the age of your child, in which they can learn and develop their musical skills by playing an instrument.


It is never too early to introduce your child to music! In our program the toddlers are introduced to rhythm through movement and song. They also explore rhythm instruments throughout the year.

Nappers and Enrichment

Our three and four-year-olds continue to explore instruments, movement, and song throughout the year. They are also introduced to the fundamentals of music theory – the musical alphabet, dynamics, and pitch – with Music Mind Games. Learning music theory has never been so fun!


How does music make you feel? How can music tell a story? The children discover the answers to these questions by listening to – among other works – Tchaikovsky’s ballet Sleeping Beauty, Englebert Humperdinck’s opera Hansel and Gretel, and Prokofiev’s beloved Peter and the Wolf. The second half of the year is spent learning about instrument families and their place in the orchestra. Each forty-five minute class also includes a Music Mins Games lesson to continue their music theory education.


The elementary students delve much deeper into music theory as they continue with the Music Mind Games program. They learn about note values, rhythm, meters, key signatures, and composition. By the end of the year the Upper Elementary students compose and perform their very own original piece using the many Orff instruments in the classroom! In addition to music they study music history and focus on one composer a month.