French Classes

French Classes Curriculum

Our intention in the early years of French classes is to condition the child’s ear to recognize and reproduce French sounds, absorb vocabulary, and build a solid foundation in the French language.

French is ever present in the classroom and is introduced during the sensitive period of development, which is crucial for language acquisition.

The early years

In the toddler and primary classrooms, everyday activities such as going over the calendar and talking about the weather and seasons are taught in both English and French.

Our young students also have structured and interactive lessons where they acquire basic vocabulary through songs and various activities. Lesson duration and frequency is based on the child’s age.


In the elementary program, lessons are conducted 4 days a week, through 30 to 45 minutes block times.

The students work with a variety of manipulatives in order to assimilate the language by image, or idea association, rather than by translation. In addition, our students have access to curriculum based software and materials to reinforce each lesson.

Children learn French phonics and are able to read with a native like accent when they graduate from the Elementary program.

Upon graduating from our Elementary program, our students have the choice between integrating an immersion program, or testing in for an advanced French program.

Last but not least, our students participate in the National French Contest/ Le Grand Concours, an annual competition sponsored by the American association of French Teachers, where Reston Montessori School students consistently earn Bronze, Silver and Gold medals.