Our Great Reviews

I write to share our positive experience with my children’s school, Reston Montessori School during the Coronavirus lockdown. My children are in first and second grade. Almost before the lockdown began, the teachers prepared large paper bags with take-home work.

By the second school day, the teachers established Zoom classes. Following spring break, we are back to a “normal” schedule. The school has offered a 25% tuition reduction for elementary students, and a 75% tuition reduction for younger students. Of course, video learning is no one’s ideal to deliver instruction, especially Montessori, and caretakers bear a daunting burden to ride herd on students to pay attention, keep up with assignments, and so on.

But Reston Montessori was impressively fast to adopt, figure out, set up, and get organized with Google Classroom, Zoom, and other online educational resources. Under the circumstances, I can hardly imagine the school having done better or more. A tip of the hat to RMS.

My son is in the primary program at RMS and we couldn’t be more ecstatic with the rapid progress he is making in the areas of math, reading, language and practical skills.

More importantly he feels a strong attachment to the wonderful staff in his classroom and loves going to school every day and learning new things with his friends in class.

We have been with this school since my son was an infant and the RMS staff, facility, curriculum and atmosphere have all been superlative.

We have been part of the RMS family for the past six years. The program, teachers and staff are simply wonderful. It is such a joy to watch the children thrive and grow in an environment specifically tailored to help them achieve their potential.

The kids are so excited to go to school every morning and thrilled to share their accomplishments every night.

The summer camps have been our children’s favorite place to spend the summer year after year!

We have been part of the RMS community for over a decade. We joined the school when my daughter was in Nido, and it’s been such a joy to watch her grow and develop through upper elementary.

My son is now a kindergartner, and it’s been wonderful to see him thrive as well. They are both Montessori kids – in and out.

They are self-motivated, with a love of learning. They love their teachers and their classmates, and are so eager and excited to come to school each day. If nothing else, I would definitely recommend taking a tour.

Once you see what a well-run Montessori school looks like, nothing else will compare.

When we describe to others that our children come home telling us about Monet, amphibians, the Fairfax Symphony string quartet performing for them, the Indian chant they’ve learned, able to point out Australia on our globe, learning, feeling and tasting other cultures, harvesting and eating a carrot they themselves planted several months earlier or simply hearing how the school let a beautiful butterfly go free after witnessing its metamorphosis, we’re not bragging, we’re duly impressed.