Financial Information

Application and Registration

To make an application to Reston Montessori School there is a $85.00 application fee per child. There is also an enrollment fee for new students of $325.00 and a re-enrollment fee for returning students of $250.00 per child charged at enrollment time each year to hold a space for your child for the following year.

Late Payment Charge

A $50.00 late fee is charged for tuition received after the fifth day of the month. If tuition has not been paid by the end of the month, the child will not be able to continue in school.

Returned Check Fee

A $50.00 fee will be charged for returned checks.

Extra Hours

Occasionally, parents need to have their children stay at school beyond the contracted hours. For this reason, Reston Montessori School offers the option of EXTRA HOURS. Extra hours are $15.00 per hour or any part of an hour. Parents must contact the school two hours prior to the child’s normal departure time to confirm the use of extra hours. Fees for extra hours will be charged to your account.